Ocean Explorer - Come and visit our ocean!

Come and visit our ocean with this fantastic virtual reality kit thanks to Plastic Free North Devon.

The aim of the kit is to engage people in how beautiful our environment is and then encourage change in behaviour to help protect it. The kit has been very popular with over 200 interactions with people of all ages at various events - with a lot of 'WOW's!' It basically takes you to the great barrier reef and other beautiful areas of the ocean.

This activity is for all ages. Children & adults!

The VR Kit is an activity for groups of 8 to do at a time so Kids Club will still be available alongside this workshop. 

There will also be a talk to each group about the topic and each child who participates will get a certificate after their experience. 

We invite you to help made small changes with big impacts.
Click here to see what Woolacombe Sands are doing to help!

Click here to see a video of when Mrs Recycling came to Woolacombe Sands.

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