Woolly's Home Activities

Welcome to Woolly's special new activity page. To help keep his young (and old) friends entertained Woolly will be posting some activity sheets here whilst the park is closed.

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Send pictures of you completing Woolly's activities to lifesabeach@woolacombe-sands.co.uk  and we'll share as many as we can on our facebook page.

Activity 1- Show Your Support!

Show your support for our amazing NHS and Key Workers, download Woolly's colouring page, print it out, colour it in and stick it in your window.

Don't have a printer? Why not draw your own version.

Download Here

Don't forget to share your pictures with us on facebook!

Woolacombe Sands Supporting our NHS

Activity 2 - Party Dances!

Meg and Pete are missing their little Allstars and Allstars colleagues terribly! They have put together a few party dances routines for you to join in with and learn.


Free Kids Dance Lesson

Activity 3 - Easter Egg Hunt!

Woolly (with a little help from our friends at Inventive Design) has created his very own Easter Egg Hunt for you! 

  • Just download and print out the activity sheet below
  • Colour in the easter eggs on page 2 and cut them out (ask your grown-up to help with this)
  • Ask your grown-up to hide the eggs somewhere in your home or garden (if it’s not raining!)
  • Find all the eggs and stick them on page 1 in the marked out spaces

Download Here

Don't forget to send pictures of you completing Woolly's Easter Egg Hunt to lifesabeach@woolacombe-sands.co.uk so we can share them on our facebook page!

Don't have a printer? Why not draw your own version. 

Kids Free Easter Egg Hunt Activity Sheet

Activity 4 - Woolly's Scavenger Hunt

We're going on a Woolly Bear Hunt! See if you can find all the items on the list (download sheet below) around your home and garden, taking a picture of each as you go. If you have more than one camera or phone you can make it a race!

  • A yellow flower
  • Someone standing on one leg
  • Something red that you eat
  • Something furry
  • A bug  
  • Something round
  • A blue pen
  • Something orange
  • A rainbow
  • Something black and rectangular
  • Something that opens
  • A car (real or toy)
  • Something crunchy
  • Someone balancing fruit on their head
  • A cup with writing on it
  • Something green that’s smaller than a £1 coin
  • A bear wearing a bow tie

Don't forget to email pictures of you completing Woolly's Scavenger Hunt to lifesabeach@woolacombe-sands.co.uk so we can share them on our facebook page!

Download Here

Woolly Bears Scavenger Hunt Kids activity during lockdown

Activity 5 - Woolly's Wordsearch

Woolly has been busy putting together a new activity sheet for you all and this one involves colouring in, a wordsearch and some fun challenges!

Don't forget to share this page and to send us pictures of you completing Woolly's activities so we can share them on our facebook page!


Download Here

Free Kids Activity Sheet

Activity 6 - Woolly's Way Home

Uh-oh! Woolly Bear has gone for a walk and got lost!

Can you help get him home through the twisty maze?

Make sure you don’t lead him to the dragon or the lion, though!

Download Here

Woolly Bear Family Activity Sheet