Employee of the Week!

Our staff work really hard but throughout summer, they work extra extra hard! We want to reward our staff for exceptional customer service and we need your help!

For summer 2019, we have introduced an 'Employee of the Week' scheme giving you, our guests, a chance to vote for a staff member at Woolacombe Sands for their exceptional service!

Please collect your voting slips from Reception and they will notify you where the ballot box will be placed. 

This will start on Monday 29th July and will finish on Monday 26th August. Altogether there will be 4 'Employees of the Week'. We will count the votes every Monday and announce the winner Monday evening/Tuesday morning. 

We have a variety of departments - Reception, Bar,  Entertainment, Maintenance, Arcade, Kitchen, Grounds, Housekeeping, Shop Staff - If you see someone and think they are doing awesome, ask them their name or look at their name tag!

What will the 'Employee of the Week' receive as a reward? £50 bonus! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! There are a few Term's & Conditions below so please kindly ensure you are familiar with them. 

Happy voting!

Terms & Conditions
1. Family and friends related to staff members will not be able to vote
2. Staff members cannot ask you to vote for them - we want you to want to tell us about your exceptional customer service! 
3. 1 vote per caravan /pitch number/ seasonal
4. There can only be one Employee of the Week
5. If there is a tie break, the votes will be carried over to the following week
6. If this scheme is abused, it will be removed instantly - please do not ruin this for others!

Employee of the Week